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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Christian S. - Colorado Springs, CO

Well, once again I have done it... Today was the last day of a nice, lengthy vacation. I spent some quality time with family and friends, getting some great riding in on the lush, loamy trails in the Black Hills of South Dakota as well as back here in Colorado Springs. I went to bed last night thinking "I need to do an epic ride tomorrow. It is the last day of vacation, lets go out with a bang!" I was kicking around either a 27 mile, 3+ hour, ride to Jones' Downhill or a big road ride through the Black Forest. I really was waiting to see if my accomplice, Bob, would be done working in time to complete the Jones' ride before we both end up in divorce court. So, I get home from repenting (otherwise known as church) and the phone rings. It's Bob. He says he is done with work and is ready to ride. I ask if he wants to do Jones' and in true Bob, I never commit wholly to anything, fashion he says "Yeah, I'd give it a whirl". So off we go... Jones' is one of those big Colorado rides. Nothing quite like it in SD. You start at about 7000' and after 16 miles of climbing you end up at 10,500'! I guess this is why we do it. It is like a cheap, oxygen deprivation induced drunk. Pretty fun. As we just summit our ride and get ready for 8+ miles of twisty, turny, rock strewn, root infested high speed descending, Mother Nature decides we must be cleansed of our wrong doings and opens the heavens for a downpour that would make Noah nervous. After about 20 minutes, the sky clears up and we decide to hit it. I think this ride could have been one of the most exhilarating, high speed, endorphin releasing experiences I have had in a long time. The ride is a little sloppy, but with the trails around Colorado Springs being made mostly of DG (decomposed granite) it isn't very muddy. We descend for about an hour, when we reach Bear Creek and I get a pinch flat. I, being a role model for the Boy Scouts, have a spare tube and we are soon on our way. The last section of this ride overlaps with another ride we do with a lot of regularity, called Cap'n Jack's. The last 2 miles are on CJ's back to Bob's truck. We are nearing the last mile section that is a really fast section through loose DG and a little rocky. I can usually hit about 25-28 mph through this stretch. Today, I could hear the boy's from Apollo 13 in my head: click "Houston, we have a problem...". A small rock that protrudes from the left side of the trail, which I hit every single time I ride this trail, just happens to be slick with rain today, kicking my rear end out much further than normal. I hit a rock on the opposite side of the trail and we have lift off of the Space Shuttle Dipsh@&. But, just as NASA's Shuttle missions have been grounded, I too, had to be grounded, unfortunately at high speeds. So, down I go, slamming my left side into the ground, thumping my noggin' on the ground, which was shod with a helmet. Bob comes racing up, asking if I am ok, to which I reply "No...Yes...Yes...I am ok." Bob unclips me from my trusty steed, keeping it from falling to its certain death down a fairly good sized railroad tie retaining wall and a steep hill side. Everything is ok, I will heal, but now I have another story to tell for the next month... COOL!