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Friday, May 4, 2007

Joshua L. - Duvall, WA

Oh hey, my name is Josh L. Im 18. I like bikes! ok, that sounded homo. So anyway, i think u wanna know what the best part of the ride is for me; Well, i have to say the best part is goin downhill. Definetly. But what i also love is just that HUGE rush you get from goin fast and flyin far. I do have a most memorable moment of ridin. It was when me, my cuz Jenner, and my uncle Mike B. So we went up to Whistler! for a 2 days last summer lookin to hit it big. Jenner and i wanted to go off the road gap towards the bottom but Mike wouldnt let us. Well we hit A-Line all day, we got 11 1/2 runs in. We tore it up like the first 5 then started gettin tired. So than, of course, on the...i think 11th run, and i over shoot the jump after the ladder section you can see from the lift. I crash hard but nothin is bad, i just get WAY shook up. So we go down and i go to the room to take a break, and Jenner and Mike hit another one. I get an itch and decide to go hit 1 more. Bad Choice...So we head up and im feelin over confident and still shook up from earlier. We do A-Line again. We go off that first ladder at the very beggining, go down, take that left turn that goes into that berm that goes to the right, which leads up to like a 25ft table. I think "Oh, im fine, i can clear that, i havnt all day but whatever, i can do it" no no no. I pin that b**** full on and, of course way to hard. I start rotating forward and i can still see that picture in my head, face down 20 ft in the air over hard dirt and rocks. i land on my face and bounce like 10 ft and stop. Then my bike (not to brag, but a 05 DB Strike) is still goin and lands about 15ft away from me. I think, "WHOA! That sucked, lets see what happened" I look down at my right arm and the radius and the tibia are stickin outa my wrist. (By then my cousin and uncle show up and run over to see if im ok) Jenner looks at it and is like "....Dude, that sh**s haggard! You ate sh** and i almost landed on u bro! O F***! look at ur knee man!" i look down and i can see my kneecap and it looked wierd, it was all blue and kinda white. I tell jenner to go get Mikes bag (mike ran back up the hill for help) and get some painkillers before my adrenaline wears off and i start hurtin. he cant find any and a guy comes ridin up. Im all "DUDE! you have any medicine! " He says, "Oh we dont do that" apparently he was the medic. he puts my arm in a sling and checks me out (he mighta been gay, i dont know, but i didnt mean it like that) he tells me my collar bone is broken (it would be the 3rd time in 7 months(from bikin) that that has broke) i think sh&@, there goes football, soccer, and my whole summer. Oh yeah, it was the 2nd damn day of summer. My uncle calls my mom and she doesnt believe him, and when he convinces her she is pissed. Another medic drives up in a truck and helps me in, he then offers me some drugs but says itll help now but make it worse later, so i say no. As were turnin around i look up at my cousin who is just still shocked that happened. Than, i hold up my Broken arm, and make a "W" with my hand. (we have a little gang/joke thing in Cali called the Whities, since all the black, mexican, and everyone but white kids are in gangs, we decided to make one as a joke, we just wrestle with the other joke gangs at lunch at school) He smiles and we drive to the hosptial, where they put my on morphine (very cool), IV, and numb me. thats all i remember cause i fell asleep but that has gotta be my most memorable story from my ridin experiences. i got lots more of good ones too. well its 10, i gotta game 2maro, and im tired. So thanks for lettin me ramble. Peace.