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Monday, July 9, 2007

Alan M. - Walnut Shade, MO

This may be somewhat different than what you have seen so far. I am the team captain of an adventure race team called "Stampeders". Adventure racing includes (biking, running, hiking/treking, rafting/canoeing/kayaking, and orienteering). We also try to do some 12hr mountain bike racing. The first picture attached shows our team chipper and excited to be racing at 6:00am. The next picture shows Libia leading our team out on a 8.5 mile bike leg. Notice the difference in expression :)-after only 5hrs of racing. Do I deserve this bike, no. Does someone on my team, most definitely. The girl on our team, Libia Chandler cannot be summed up in the words I am about to type. Libia has always been troubled by the bike legs in previous races. I told her husband Clinton (also pictured on the far left), that he needed to get her a decent bike to race. This way she wouldn't spend so much energy fighting the one she had. So being the gentleman and great husband he is, he went straight out to the LBS and bought her a base model low end Giant. So after using this low end Giant for a couple years and Clinton not doing regular maintenace she is once again left to fighting her bike on the race course. You see this last race for us (pictured) was bitter sweet. We had prepared ahead of time for the orienteer section of the course where we usually loose a lot of time. Did we mess up the orienteer section and loose a lot of time, yes. We went in 18th place and came out 52nd. We proceeded to hit some killer bike legs and Libia was riding like a crazed woman. Hitting some really steep hills that other racers where walking up, she just kept riding. So I pushed the pace a little, looked back and there she was. Pushed a little more, and there she was. We were passing teams so fast that one girl yelled out, "Where did those guys come?" We reach the finish line and the race official cries out, 15th!!! Libia started crying. She and the rest of us could not believe that we worked all the way back to 15th. Before I could praise her for all her effort she was telling each one of us what a wonderful job we did. She refused to except the MVP award for our team, but we gave her the title anyway. If it wasn't for her we would not have finished that well. I will say that the best we have finished in the past was 29th. So that is why that race was bitter sweet. Wonder how much better we could have done if she had a sweet ride? She has to be the most humble person I have met. Still just over a month later, every time I see her she tells me what a great job I did. I was just glad to keep up. For her day job she is a PA for an open heart surgery team at ST. JOHN'S Hosipital in Springfield, MO. So my vote goes to Libia Chandler who rides a $300 bike compared to my $3000 bike. You couldn't pick someone more deserving. She would make you proud and definitely make Diamondback look good. If you think she is logging miles now, wait until she has a sweet ride. Rock on Libia!!!!!! From a grass roots racer and "Stampeders" captain, thanks for your time