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*A 2008 Mission 3, Diamondback’s versatile all-mountain machine. Nimble, efficient and stable, the Mission 3 features Shimano’s new Deore XT components, including the Shadow rear derailleur and high power disc brakes.*

*15 minutes of fame in a Diamondback ad that will appear in Dirt Rag featuring the winner on their new Mission 3.*

*Swag from Dirt Rag, Diamondback, Fox Racing Shox, Rockshox, Shimano and WTB. *

To enter, simply go to diamondback.com and click on the “What’s Your Mission?” button to submit your all-mountain inspiring description and photo.

You will also find the fine print there, too, but here’s some to get you started: No purchase necessary to enter or win. One entry per person. Void where prohibited by law. Contest submissions will be accepted from May 1 through August 1, 2007. Entrant must both author their description and take the photo submitted

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Earl H. - Normal, IL

Live - Eat - Sleep bikes! That's what this story is about. My son and I are avid bike riders, however, he has taken it to another level. Since the rules state that you have to be 18 to enter I am entering on behalf of my 15 year old son. Before you discount this entry please read it all, Sean's not your ordinary 15 year old. My son lives to ride his bikes. We live in Illinois where it can get very cold in the winter, yet my son is out riding and looking for places to race his bike all the time. He participated in several cycle cross races last winter, there were times when there was snow and ice and on one occasion it was eight degrees with wind chill. The more difficult the course or the weather the better, he's a true competitor. Rain or snow he's on a bike and can't get enough... He rode two of the cycle cross races with a broken wrist, it was so cold he had to use his mother's oven mitt to keep his fingers warm. he still won his race, he didn't want the other racers to know he had a broken wrist, he wanted them to race him hard. My son Sean is 15, he will turn 16 on September 30th, my birthday is September 23rd. How cool of a birthday present would this be for both of us. I love to watch my son compete and have never missed a race, even at eight degrees! It would be a great father son birthday event to win this trip and come do what we both love, ride bikes. The chance for my son to come out West, which he's never done and try out some of the coolest bikes on the planet and some new terrain would be incredible, he'd be in heaven and what a once in a lifetime 16th birthday gift! My son would also love to get his hands on a full suspension bike, something tha can withstand the poundings he will most surely give it. There isn't much he hasn't jumped over or off of around here, it would certainly be easier on a full suspension bike. Sean's just started doing triathlons, just finished his second one this weekend. His most favorite part is going fast on his speed bike. bike, bikes, bikes. My wife and I are my sons biggest fans and by default we're his sponsors. His hobbies are expensive but it keeps him away from the TV, computer and video games, he's always on the go, no time for his mind to wander. We bought him a used car to drive when he turns 16, he said if we don't mind he will be riding his bike to school and to work instead of driving the car, he said he can have much more fun on his bike. Since Sean's 16th birthday is fast approaching (big deal for us) we offered to buy him something nice for his birthday, guess what he wants? He wants a used trials bike and a cycle-cross bike (because he knows they're expensive). If you're not going to consider my entry I'll understand, but let me make a plea for a friend of mine Chris Tuma.... Chris entered this contest too. If we're not deserving of this prize Chris certainly is. Chris has taken Sean under his wing and has taught him many things about competing on all types of bikes and courses. Chris also volunteers to work on bikes for free at racing events, many times not having time to prep himself for a race. He gives anyone who's willing to learn tips on how to race and take care of their bikes even though they'll be competing against him. I walways see him loaning out parts from his own bikes to others on race day so they can race, he's one in a million. Sean and Chris spend a lot of time racing against each other in different events, Chris has an unstoppable racing spirit and deserves this as much as anyone. He's an incredible role model for teens. The pictures, if you're able to view them are of Sean racing cycle cross on Easter Sunday, mom even approved because she knows what racing means to him. He's racing Chris Tuma in the photos.... Sean and Chris were the only two that showed up, two peas in a pod... Sincerely, Earl Hyser